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I am delighted to offer my greetings for the establishment of company at Phnom Penh.

It seems to me that the environments surrounding Asia have undergone major changes and the rejection of Japanese tradition has completed by the policy of Westernization, which has led to the continuing disintegration of the traditional Japanese view of life and body, as a whole. For example, Japanese carpenters who based their building art on the traditional Japanese scale system have decreased since the Meiji Restoration in 1868. After World War II, the Japanese government officially adopted a resolution proposed by the Architectural Institute of Japan to prohibit the construction of wooden architecture which considers timber as a living being and in 2001 the government regulations require a moisture level of under 20% for construction timber It robs the wood of its original attributes that is the ability to breathe. In addition, withered Someiyoshino, an artificially created hybrid cherry trees as the national flower of Japan, have increased for these last years. However, we will actively fulfill our cultural responsibilities with the traditional Japanese methods and need to use the full range of capabilities that move forward towards the shaping of the new culture. Although it is curious thing, Khmer people makes us nostalgic like Showa era. We should look back now at our lost culture.


スクリーンショット 2015-05-15 18.34.11What are the attributes of a great culture? The Hashihime Group assume that the Japanese culture and the Cambodian culture have something in common. Both agricultural countries have been quite successful in dismantling its own traditional culture. The traditional Khmer culture has also been abolished by the Khmer Rouge. Culture is nothing but the ability to make the world in which we live one of richness and beauty. It cannot be born from imitation and yearning alone. Now we have to allow ourselves to explore beyond the conventional capitalism and train ourselves to see situations from a cultural perspective. Opportunities always emerge from the interfaces or boundaries. This is why we choose the word 橋 “hashi; a bridge” based on our grand aspiration to be a key to success. Let us provide you the opportunity to a worldview in which all things possess life. Our primary job is to always build and edit cultural relationships between Japan and Cambodia through some education. We are in an alliance with JCIA (Japan – Cambodia interactive association) and are making progress towards the goal establishing the World Library Town. Our Hashihime Group would like to establish image of traditional Japan in the suburbs of Phnom Penh. We look forward to your ongoing support as we work together to create new cultural value. 

The Hashihime Group views the World Library City as the field of world cultural interactive activities. 


May, 2015


Kazuto Takakusa